Cisco Router Internet ACL Generator

This page will generate a fairly sensible input access list to be deployed on the WAN interface of a cisco router facing the Internet. Please note that this is no substitute for a properly-configured firewall ! There is a limit to what can be achieved with static packet filters on a router at the best of times and the filters generated by this program are only intented to filter out the most obvious of attacks while allowing anything which looks even remotely legitimate pass in. If in doubt, please seek expert advice.

This tool is very much in "beta". Comments/observations/suggestions welcome to

Your LAN IP Subnet
Your LAN IP Subnet Mask
Your router's LAN IP address
Your router's Serial port IP address
ACL number for input filter

Use this tool and the configurations it generates entirely at your own risk! The security of your network is your responsiblity and I may not be held liable for any problems or losses you encounter using this tool.