There's this guy hitchhiking along the side of the road and this nun pulls over to pick him up. so, they get to talking about all kinds of things, and eventually the subject turns to the church's views on celibacy.

The hitchhiker says that he could never be a part of the church because of his great sexual appetite. this prompts to nun to reply, "well, you know the rules are a bit different now than they used to be. it's okay for nuns to engage in sexual activity now if it's with a man who is not married, doesn't have any kids, and it's anal sex."

Well, they continue talking about some other stuff (global warming, the establishment of the free market system in europe), but the hitchhiker keeps thinking about what the nun said about sex. so, after a few more minutes, the hitchhiker says, "you know, i'm not married, and i don't have any kids, and anal sex doesn't sound like such a bad idea so, the nun thinks about it for a second, and then agrees to do it. so, they pull over,and, well, do the deed.

They start driving on the road again, and then the nun pulls over to let the hitchhiker out. as he thanks the nun, he is suddenly racked with guilt and says, "i'm really sorry about this, but i just have to tell you. i actually am married and i even have a couple of kids. i'm sorry I lied to you."

The nun turns to him and replies, "that's okay, my name's Jerry and I'm on my way to a costume party."