OK...here's the bit where I give you, the casual surfer, a terrifying glimpse into my warped mind. Its the bit where your stomach is gripped by a knot of nausea fear, where your heart pounds so hard you think it will explode, where your eyes open so wide you think they'll pop out of your head and make your glasses fall off. Yes...this is the bit where you come face to face the The Stuff I Find Interesting.

Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

I am very afraid and I wrote the thing.

Actually I am very afraid because I wrote the thing.

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    Having children is one of life's truly enriching experiences, primarily because it gives you an excuse to buy toys you couldn't otherwise buy without embarrassing yourself in front of the (invariably cute female) shop assistant. Here are some of my favourites

    The Rokit is the best fun you could possibly have with an empty bottle. I got mine in the Science Museum in London. The museum is a fabulous place with something for everyone and I visit it as often as I can. Their on-line store is at http://www.sciencemuseumstore.com. Profits from the store go to support the work of the museum, so please buy your Rokit there.

    The Kite Shop (UK) have a great variety of kites for all ages and skill levels. I have the Sun Sky Dancer (pictured) which I think is the business. Its easy to fly and pretty robust.

    Hamleys in London is just about the best toy shop in the world


    Those of you who know what an uncultured philistine I am proud to be will be somewhat surprised by the presence of this section. You may be less surprised by how few links it contains !

    Noisy Stuff

    These sites are full of sound clips which you can play at high volume, becoming a very effective menace to family, friends and neighbours. Enjoy...

    Ofcourse, as I grow and develop as a person, become one with my inner child, explore my feminine side (I'll kick anyone who calls me a poof, mind you) and generally find myself (American surfers may not recognise heavy irony dripping from this, but trust me - its there) more stuff will be added to this page. Not that it will improve...it will just get bigger. On the other hand, that is precisely what I plan to have happen to me as I get older also...