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You have been lucky enough to stumble upon one of the greatest and oldest treasures of the Internet. Oh yes...the dotcom bubble has well-and-truly burst and only those sites with enduring appeal and true quality are left standing. Well, those and a couple of thousand porn sites. This is not a porn site, lest any confusion should arise. I'm sorry if that's a disappointment.

Regular visitors (!) may remember that there was a bunch of drivel some profound wisdom at this point. If you need to draw inspiration from it again, click here to see it in its rightful place

[If you are one of those moral-majority types, you should probably skip this paragraph. Really. OK then...read it, but don't bother to complain...I really don't care]. In the interests of keeping the search engines interested (and in order to suck in some of those people looking for the porn), here are a few rude words: Fuck. Tits. Sheep. Bollocks. That should do it. [I warned you].

Anyway, since you've been curious (or bored) enough to read down this far, you could probably do with some exercise, so I'd better give you something to click on. Brace yourself...

dot People

No matter how it might seem, the Internet is full of people. They are mostly of the kind which would be in the zoo flinging dung at visitors but for an undeserved lucky break in the game of evolutionary roulette. Here are just some of them

Me !
(If you find that you need to gorge yourself on the fountain of my boundless wisdom more more often than my infrequent updates to this site allows, you can always visit my blog).

People Even Weirder Than Me

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Stuff I Think Is Funny

Stuff I Think Is Interesting

Stuff That Made Me Think (honest !)

Internet Games

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If your sleeping tablets just aren't making the grade, you've come to the right place

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Software Development


My Weather Station in Ratoath

New! Animated Brandy Glass

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Some Of My Chicken Scratchings

dot Stuff Which Doesn't Fit Any Other Heading

My life is full of lots of things for which I don't have a proper place (and - if I'm honest - lots of proper places into which I couldn't be bothered to put the appropriate things). This web page is no different and here is just some of the virtual flotsam which doesn't seem to belong anywhere else

* My Favourite Sites (apart from this one, of course !)

* Guitar Pop Quiz - A Javascript game on the fretboard of a guitar

* Interval Pop Quiz - A Java game to test your ability to recognise musical intervals

* PitchPipes - A Java Guitar Tuning Applet

* How I fixed the screen of my Nokia 8210 mobile phone for €1.40 !

* Calendar

* The BogPeople Patent Pension Calculator

* The BogPeople Patent Mortgage Calculator

* Euclid's Extended Algorithm for calculating Greatest Common Divisor

* Binomial Coefficient Calculator (handy for working out how unlikely you are to win the Lotto !)

* The Guest Book (go on...sign it...it will make my day !)

* The obligatory "other stuff" section

dot Ancient Artifacts

* Computers I've Known & Loved

* Take a look at my first ever website (from 1996). Decide for yourself if things have improved. I think the jury is still out.

No self-respecting web site is complete without a hit counter. Apart from serving the vanity of the site's creator (which is rarely does since he/she usually clocks up most of the hits), it serves to comfort the poor entrapped surfer that others have suffered through the web page and survived. This page is no different. You, dear surfer, are one of the lucky...


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