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Network Stuff
(This stuff is really intended for acute insomniacs in desparate search of beyond this point at your own risk.)

Those of you who know me will be aware that I eek out a meagre living as a Data Communications Engineer. In other words, I play with computers all day. The fact that after many long hours of study (there were at least three that I recall, although former classmates may dispute this claim), my life's work essentially involves building technology to facilitate access pornography with greater ease and speed than ever before only slightly dampens my enthusiasm for my chosen field of endeavour.

Over time, I've gathered lots of useful information on the subject which I've never really put to any good use. Some of it I wrote myself (mostly because I clearly need the writing-practice) and the rest is written by others wiser than I. You should only really rely on the technical veracity of the material in the latter category and should regard the home-grown stuff largely as fiction.

Seriously, though, I hope you find some of the useful, and your comments and suggestions are welcome. In particular, please do let me know if you think that any content is factually incorrect...

* Internet

* IPv4

* IP Multicast

* IPv6

* Ethernet

* Serial Comms

* Cisco Tools & Information

* Telnet/SSH

* Network Emulation

* Security

* Crypto & PKI

* Radius



  • SNMP Traffic Grapher

    Simple realtime SNMP grapher. Produces a graph just like MRTG but does it in real time. Very simple, no nonesense, excellent utility that does just one thing very very well.

  • GetIf

    Full SNMP MIB browser. GUI is a little clunky and dated, but it does the job. Don't forget to download the MIB collection also.

  • iReasoning MIB Browser

    Very nice MIB browser. Written in Java so runs on Windows or Linux.

    * Miscellaneous

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