Collected Wit & Wisdom

This joke server has been a work-in-progress for as long as this web site has existed. Its starting to become something of an embarrassment, and that's really saying something considering the surroundings. Anyway, in a totally uncharacteristic fit of compassion, empathy and benevolence, I decided to bring this service on-line in what Microsoft® would term Version 1 form (i.e. barely working at all). Its not finished yet. I could give you some indication of when it will be finished, but - lets face it - everyone knows I'd be lying my ass off. In the meantime, enjoy.

By the way, if you're of a sensitive disposition, avoid the "red" jokes. It would also probably wise to have the smelling-salts close to hand before reading the "orange" ones. If you read them and you are offended, I don't really care so don't bother to tell me. Enjoy...


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